The Electronic Disposition System (EDS) has been restored.

In June 2018, Indigenous Relations is moving to a more effective and rigorous information and records management system for the review of consultation files. The new Record of Consultation Information Management (ROC IM) system will allow the ministry to respond to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy, and litigation requests more quickly and to serve the public more efficiently. Please read this memo to see how proponents will be affected and how to avoid file delays.

Aboriginal Consultation Office

The Aboriginal Consultation Office (ACO) manages the following aspects of Alberta's First Nations and Metis Settlements consultation processes:

  • Pre-consultation assessment
  • Management of the consultation process
  • Assessment of consultation adequacy

The ACO is aligned with other regulatory bodies to ensure First Nation's Treaty rights and traditional uses, as well as Metis Settlements members’ harvesting and traditional use activities, are respected in all matters regarding land and natural resource management in Alberta.

The ACO is committed to continuous improvement and will continue to work with all stakeholders to ensure that the ACO delivers on its commitment of enhancing consultation in Alberta.

Reporting to the Minister of Indigenous Relations, the ACO was created on November 1, 2013 and is governed by

  • The Government of Alberta’s Policy on Consultation with First Nations on Land and Natural Resource Management, 2013; and
  • The Government of Alberta’s Policy on Consultation with Metis Settlements on Land and Natural Resource Management, 2015.

For more information on these policies, please visit: