Consultation, Capacity, Training and Outreach

As part of the larger consultation initiative Aboriginal Relations (AR) currently administers the First Nations Consultation Capacity Investment Program (FNCCIP). Through this program, all First Nations within Alberta will receive a core investment to assist with building their capacity to participate in consultation related activities regarding land and natural resource management.

Under current FNCCIP procedures, all First Nations within Alberta receive a notification letter prior to the end of each fiscal year to initiate the process for providing consultation capacity core investment funding.

For more information on who can apply, when to apply, how to apply, approval conditions or processes, please refer to the FNCCIP overview documents attached below: 

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FNCCIP Process Overview pdf icon

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Training and Outreach

Training and Outreach coordinates and facilitates the development and/or delivery of training in various topics to build knowledge and capacity for engagement in Aboriginal consultation activities by Government of Alberta staff, Aboriginal communities, and consultation proponents.