Business Plans & Annual Reports

Annual Reports
Indigenous Relations, like all provincial government ministries, issues an annual report each year, as required by the Fiscal Management Act. Annual reports outline the ministry's achievements and key activities over the previous year. They contain a comparison of the ministry's achievements to the goals that were set out in the ministry business plan and also feature the ministry's audited financial statements.

Business Plans
The Ministry of Indigenous Relations is committed to three-year business planning cycles. Each business plan states the ministry's goals over the next three-year period and includes performance measures used to assess the ministry's success in achieving its goals. The business plan includes spending targets for the key activities over the three-year period it covers.

Annual Reports

2016/2017 IR Annual Report

2015/2016 IR Annual Report

2014/2015 AR Annual Report

2013/2014 AR Annual Report

2012/2013 AR Annual Report

2011/2012 IIAR Annual Report


2010/2011 AR Annual Report


2009/2010 AR Annual Report


2009/2010 AR Audited Financial Statements


2008/2009 AR Annual Report


2007/2008 IIAR Annual Report


2006/2007 IIAR Annual Report


2005/2006 AAND Annual Report


2004/2005 AAND Annual Report


2003/2004 AAND Annual Report

2002/2003 AAND Annual Report


2001/2002 AAND Annual Report