Alberta Indigenous Green Employment Program

Alberta Indigenous Green Employment Program

The Alberta Indigenous Green Employment Program (AIGEP) provides grant funding to the Alberta Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) agreement holders, whose members will train Indigenous people for employment in the green economy. Green employment is employment that focuses on building, maintaining or participating in innovative ways to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As Alberta transitions to a lower carbon economy, this type of employment will be increasingly important.

The program supports employment and training projects that assist in:

  • increasing Indigenous peoples participation in Climate Leadership initiatives that reduce community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions;
  • the transition to a lower carbon economy; and
  • promotes low carbon economy employment opportunities to Indigenous people.


  • ASETS agreement holders
  • Applicants must be in compliance with the terms and conditions of any previous Alberta Indigenous Relations funding
  • Applicants must be located in the Province of Alberta.

Activities eligible for funding

Projects will be assessed on how the training will lead to employment in jobs that lead to the reduction of GHG.

A minimum of 75 per cent of total funds requested from Indigenous Relations is to be used for direct training costs.

Funding levels

  • This grant program allocation of $2 million will be equally distributed amongst the participating Alberta ASETS agreement holders.

Application deadline

  • The Alberta Indigenous Climate Leadership Programs are currently closed.  The programs are  currently under review and will open with revised guidelines shortly.

Assessment Process

Once the application is received, the following process is implemented:

  • An assessment will be conducted by Indigenous Relations to ensure the application and other documents contain the required information
  • An assessment will confirm applicant eligibility and suitability for funding under the AIGEP.

Additional information may be requested for an application.

Note: All AIGEP grant funding requests are subject to Ministerial approval.

How to Apply


Have questions about the program, services or the grant application process?