FAQs - Alberta Indigenous Solar Program

Alberta Indigenous Solar Program (AISP) Overview

1. How often are applications processed during the year?

  • We will review grant applications on a rolling intake basis until program funds are exhausted.

2. What is the maximum amount any eligible applicant can receive through the Alberta Indigenous Solar Program?

  • AISP provides funding for up to 80% of eligible expenses up to a maximum of $200,000 per project.


3. Our community/organization is a not an Indigenous community/organization, or one of those listed, are we eligible for this program?

  • No, the Alberta Indigenous Solar Program is structured to work directly with Indigenous and Indigenous serving organizations in order to utilize the skills and experience those organizations have working with and for Indigenous peoples and communities.  This program will increase Indigenous participation in Climate Leadership initiatives that reduce community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and equip Indigenous communities with information to support them in investing in solar energy infrastructure. We would suggest that organizations contact other Government of Alberta departments to inquire whether their organization is eligible for other Climate Leadership grant programs.

4. Will AISP fund 100% of a project’s costs?

  • AISP provides funding for up to 80% of eligible expenses up to a maximum of $200,000 per project.
  • Applicants can access other non-Government of Alberta funded programs to cover the remaining 20% of the project costs. The maximum funding stacking level is 100% of eligible costs.
  • All funding sources should be clearly identified in the project budget.

5. What are the technical requirements of AISP?

  • To be eligible for funding for AISP, projects must be:
    • Compliant with the Government of Alberta’s Micro-generation Regulation 27/2006 (for grid-connected projects)
    • Greater than or equal to 2 kilowatts (kW DC PV array capacity) and less than or equal to 1 megawatt (MW DC PV array capacity) in installation capacity.
    • Installed at a cost below $3.25 per watt.

Application Criteria

6. Why is it important to have a detailed budget included in the grant application?

  • It is common practice to request a detailed budget listing all project costs and sources of revenue to determine eligible expenses and reasonable costs.
  • As AISP funding will only cover up to 80% of eligible expenses, all funding sources should be clearly identified in the project budget.

7. Will AISP support us in developing our application?

  • If you have questions related to a specific project, or would like support developing an application please contact us at IR.Climate@gov.ab.ca. Project specific questions will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

8. Will an application be considered if our organization has outstanding reporting on other ministry grants?

  • Applicants who have overdue reporting from any previous Indigenous Relations grant will not be considered for new funding until the outstanding reporting has been resolved.

Evaluation Process

9. What is the mandatory information required when a grant application is submitted to AISP?

  • The AISP mandatory information required to conduct an evaluation of the application is:
    • All Applicants must submit a fully completed Letter of Application;
    • Completed budget form;
    • Demonstrated support for the project: Band Council Resolution, Council Resolution/Motion and/or board motion;
    • Letter of support from the Board of Directors (for Indigenous organizations);
    • Letters of support from other sources that are significant to the project;
    • Copies of contracts or other commitments to the project;
    • Technical details related to the project;
    • A description of the project, within a contractors quotation (quote), along with product description Photovoltaic (PV) panels and mounting brackets or other mounting system, and product warranty;
    • A schematic drawing of the location of the panels on the facility or other location as agreed upon with an Indigenous Relations grant manager; and
    • A completed AISP Application Submission Checklist
  • Please see the Application Submission Checklist for all the required details regarding your application.

10. What is the assessment process?

  • Once the Letter of Application and supporting documents are received, the following process is implemented:
    • An assessment will be conducted by Indigenous Relations to ensure the application letter and other documents contain the required information
    • An assessment will confirm applicant eligibility and suitability with the Alberta Indigenous Solar Program

    Additional information may be requested if an application is incomplete. Applicants will be informed of any deficiencies and will be given two (2) weeks to provide the additional information.

Approved or Declined?

11. Who approves my grant?

  • All grants are approved and signed by the Minister of Indigenous Relations.

12. What happens after a decision is made on my application?

  • Applicants are notified by the assigned Grant Manager and informed if their submission was successful.
  • If the application is approved, funds will be transferred to the applicant roughly four to six weeks from the date of approval.
  • If an application does not meet the criteria, staff will work with the applicant to address the issue and re-submit.

Grant Funding Payment

13. When will I get my grant funds?

  • Generally funding is issued within four to six weeks from the date of approval.

14. What if all grant funds are not used for the approved project? Will the surplus money be available to use on other projects?

  • Any unused funds must be returned to Alberta Treasury and Finance as stated in the grant agreement.


15. What if the project scope changes after the grant has been approved?

  • In the project or scope changes, please contact your assigned Grant Manger to discuss these changes right away.

16. The project will not be completed on time. Do I need to notify the grant manager?

  • Yes. The grant recipient must request an extension in writing.
  • Please contact your grant manager and provide a new proposed end date for the project as well as a brief explanation of delays. This must be done before the original end date of the project.

Final Reporting

17. When will final reporting be due?

  • Final reporting is due 60 days from the end date of the project that was put into the agreement.

18. What type of reporting will be required?

  • The following outlines the type of information that could be useful for project reports submitted to Indigenous Relations. Please note that any additional information is encouraged since this FAQ cannot address every aspect of every project.
  • Grant recipients are generally required to submit a final report that includes:
    1. A short summary of the project: This could include, but should not be limited to, a brief background and significance of the project, relevant statistics on the capacity (watt DC), and what were the general outcomes.
    2. Results: Activities, Outcomes, Challenges, and Success.
    3. Project Verification:
    4. Lessons Learned:
    5. Appendices
      • a copy of the Generation Project Notice (AUC Form A) and supporting documentation.
      • Signed financial statements and detailed invoices

19. Are there templates for the final reporting?

  • Yes. There are templates for the final report and financial statement. Please contact your Grant Manger for these templates.

21. Is an audited financial statement required for financial reporting?

  • No, not for the Alberta Indigenous Solar Program