Alberta/MNA Framework Agreement

Alberta and the Metis Nation of Alberta (MNA) signed a ten-year framework agreement in February 2017.

The Metis Nation of Alberta – Government of Alberta Framework Agreement formally recognizes a shared commitment to work co-operatively to:

  • address the needs and aspirations of the MNA and its members
  • preserve Metis identity and cultural heritage in Alberta
  • build upon and enhance the Alberta-MNA relationship through Nation-to-Nation dialogue
  • promote reconciliation

Priority Actions
Priority actions in the 2017 agreement include:

  • further clarifying and strengthening the Nation-to-Nation relationship
  • supporting recognition and respect of Metis rights and promoting reconciliation
  • developing collaborative cross-government approaches to address the particular needs and issues of Metis people
  • increasing economic opportunities to enhance community and individual well-being

The agreement will also help to ensure that Metis people actively participate in the development of Alberta government policies, programs, initiatives, resources and services.

Alberta and the MNA have worked cooperatively through a series of framework agreements since 1987.

The 2017 agreement advances Alberta’s commitment to work with Indigenous leaders, organizations and communities to implement the principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.