Community Initiatives

In May 2013, the Government of Alberta committed more than $660,000 to complete the Elizabeth Metis Settlement and Habitat for Humanity pilot project. The completion of the pilot marked the first time in Canada that Habitat for Humanity entered into a partnership with an Aboriginal community.

Since Habitat homes are funded up front through financial donations, gifts of building materials and volunteer labour, Habitat will be able to reinvest the mortgage payments back into affordable housing on the Settlement.

Key features of the pilot project include:

  • Eight units that house 15 adults and 25 children.
  • Interest-free mortgage payments for resident families.
  • Mortgages set at 25 per cent of family income.
  • Every mortgage payment is equity in the homes and for the family.

Safe and reliable housing is essential to a strong and sustainable community. As part of its commitment under the Metis Settlements Long-Term Arrangements, the Government of Alberta will continue working with the Metis Settlements General Council and Habitat for Humanity to develop housing programs for Settlement members based on the organization’s model.