Core Business Areas

The Ministry has a number of sections that work with Aboriginal leaders, communities, organizations and other levels of government to support development and implementation of programs and policies that affect Aboriginal people in Alberta.
  • First Nations and Métis Relations
    This division works with First Nations and Métis communities and other partners to strengthen participation in social and economic opportunities in Alberta. It oversees agreements between the Alberta government and Aboriginal groups and is responsible for administration of Metis Settlements legislation.

  • Consultation and Land Claims
    Coordinates Government of Alberta activities relating to development of natural resources on Crown lands and allocation of Crown lands to complete treaty land claims as required under the Natural Resources Transfer Act (1930). Coordination of consultation activities includes managing project-based resource development delegated to proponents, ensuring that First Nations are resourced sufficiently to respond to consultation requests, and supporting strategic consultations led directly by the Government of Alberta. Allocation of Crown lands to satisfy claims includes extensive negotiation with First nations, Government of Canada, land managing departments and third party allocation holders.

  • Aboriginal Economic Development
    The Aboriginal Economic Partnerships branch helps increase Aboriginal participation in the economy by supporting partnerships between First Nations, industry, government and other stakeholders; strengthening Aboriginal economic capacity; and supporting development of a viable Aboriginal private sector.

  • Policy and Planning
    This program area provides support to all sections of the Ministry in the development of recommendations regarding major policy issues, leads corporate planning on behalf of the Ministry, leads the Ministry’s participation in federal/provincial/territorial relations on Aboriginal matters and oversees the implementation of the Aboriginal Policy Framework.

  • Grants and Funding
    The Ministry provides a variety of grants and funding that support economic and community development, and support for consultation capacity development and traditional use studies. Aboriginal Relations also administers the First Nations Development Fund (FNDF), the grant program supported by a portion of revenues from government-owned slot machines on First Nation casinos in Alberta.