Aboriginal Economic Partnerships Program

The Aboriginal Economic Partnerships Program (AEPP) supports Indigenous communities, businesses and organizations to foster economic development and contribute to improved social outcomes for Indigenous Albertans.

AEPP primarily supports capacity development through grant funding, though also provides workshops on economic development and related services.


AEPP supports projects that will:

  • Increase the capacity of Indigenous communities to identify and plan for economic opportunities and to facilitate the use of local resources for long-term growth
  • Attract investment in Indigenous economic projects
  • Increase employment of Indigenous Albertans
  • Increase or expand Indigenous community-owned businesses
  • Create spin-off business opportunities for Indigenous people and communities
  • Develop or increase revenue for Indigenous communities
  • Develop new information, tools and resources that enable, enhance or support economic opportunities for Indigenous Albertans


Eligible applicants include:

  • Tribal Councils
  • First Nations
  • Metis Settlements
  • Metis or First Nations companies or organizations ,or
  • Non-government organizations that directly promote the economic development and capacity building of Indigenous Albertans

The applicant should be located, or have established operations, in Alberta and be in compliance with the terms and conditions of all previous funding arrangements with Indigenous Relations.

Fundable projects

Projects eligible for funding under AEPP must fall into at least one of the following categories:

  1. Economic and Governance Capacity (e.g. community or regional economic development strategies, strategic and business planning, governance development or restructuring (both corporate and community), management and human resource capacity development, investment or marketing strategies, feasibility studies, economic leakage studies, etc.)
  2. Research and Strategic Initiatives (e.g. regional economic forecasting tools, market analysis, efforts to identify opportunities and solutions to economic development challenges facing Indigenous communities and businesses, etc.)

AEPP grants may be used to pay for contracted services performed by qualified consultants, but may not be used to pay for internal staff, administrative costs or capital acquisition.

Available funding

AEPP can provide grants up to a maximum of $100,000 to support an eligible project. AEPP can cover up to 100% of all eligible costs, less grant funding from other sources (including federal, provincial and municipal).

Application deadline

The deadline for submitting an application to AEPP is May 29, 2017 at 23:59 (11:59 p.m.).

How will the application be assessed?

Once an application is received, a preliminary assessment will be conducted to ensure that each application provides sufficient information to undertake a full assessment. The preliminary assessment will also confirm applicant eligibility and suitability with AEPP.

Indigenous Relations may request additional information if an application is incomplete or make recommendations on how proposals could be improved to demonstrate alignment with the objectives of the program.

If an application is deemed to be complete following a preliminary assessment it will go before a Grant Review Committee for a thorough assessment of project feasibility and potential recommendation for approval.

Note: All AEPP grant applications are subject to Ministerial approval.

Application deadline

Downloading Instructions: The AEPP Application form is fillable and works best with Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. For Google Chrome, please follow these instructions.

  1. Complete the Aboriginal Economic Partnerships Program grant application 
  2. Use the AEPP Application Guidelines  to assist in completing the application package and prepare a proposal if needed.
  3. Complete the AEPP Application Checklist  to ensure the application package is completed and ready for submission.
    Funding requests greater than $25,000 must include a detailed proposal in addition to the grant application form.
  4. Submit funding application package by:
    1. email to IR.economicdevelopment@gov.ab.ca (prefer)
    2. fax to 1-780-427-4019; or
    3. mail to

Alberta Indigenous Relations
Attention “Aboriginal Initiatives-AEPP
19th Floor, Commerce Place
10155 – 102 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 4G8

Note: A completed application package will ensure quicker processing of the application.


If you have questions about the program, services or the grant application process, please contact us at:

  • Email: IR.economicdevelopment@gov.ab.ca or,
  • Phone: 1-780-427-8407 (Monday to Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. MST)
    Toll-free from anywhere in Alberta, dial 310-0000