Flood Recovery for First Nations

The Government of Alberta continues to assist First Nations affected by the June 2013 floods. On November 6 and December 18, 2013, respectively, the Minister of Aboriginal Relations signed Memorandums of Understanding with the Siksika Nation and Stoney Nakoda Nation Chiefs, committing the parties to work together to rebuild and repair all flood-affected homes in the communities.

The flood recovery efforts are aimed at achieving provincial safety and construction standards for First Nations infrastructure and housing. The MOUs outline the respective responsibilities of the parties and include skills training programs that will offer the First Nations’ members the opportunity to contribute to the rebuilding efforts and to develop skills that will benefit the communities in the long-term.

The Alberta government continues to work in collaboration with First Nations to ensure that flood recovery efforts are equitable and fair with other Alberta communities.

For further information on First Nations flood recovery efforts, contact:

Darlene Bouvier, Director
First Nations Flood Recovery Team