Funding Information

Funding Levels

The FNDF Grant Program receives revenue generated from government-owned slot machines in Alberta.  Of this 40%, 75% is available to the ‘host’ First Nations who operate the casinos, and 25% is shared among the ‘non-host’ First Nations in Alberta.  This allocation is further explained in this chart.

Once the slot machine revenues have been verified by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, FNDF Grant Program funds are paid towards approved projects after each quarter of the fiscal year (approximately July, October, January, and April). As slot machine revenues cannot be determined prior to the revenue being accumulated, an exact yearly allocation can only be determined at the conclusion of the fiscal year.

FNDF Grant Program funds are paid on a quarterly basis, which is included as a clause in the FNDF Grant agreement.  Quarterly payments also keep administrative costs lower, which frees up additional funds for First Nations.

Since it began, the FNDF has paid over $850 million to First Nations in support of over 2,000 community, economic and social development projects, including: housing projects; children, youth and Elder programs, cultural retention initiatives; support for First Nations-owned businesses; and, employment and training programs.

Further information is available in the Ministry’s Business Plan.

Conditions of Approval

First Nations must sign an FNDF Grant Agreement in order to access the FNDF grant program.  All approvals are subject to the provisions of the FNDF grant agreement signed between each First Nation and the Government of Alberta.

Key Features of the FNDF Grant Agreement include:

  • Formulas for sharing the grant funding among all Alberta First Nations and covering administration costs from the FNDF Grant Program;
  • Requirements that FNDF Grant Program funds be used by First Nations only for economic, social and community development projects;
  • Clauses prohibiting use of FNDF Grant Program funds for operating or financing costs of a casino or other gaming facility/equipment or for per capita distributions;
  • Annual reporting requirement on the use of grants, by the First Nations;
  • Conducting audits on FNDF funds to ensure compliance with the Agreement and First Nations Gaming policy;
  • Ability to suspend the Agreement and discontinue grants for non-compliance; and
  • Process for dispute resolution, while retaining Ministerial powers for final decision making.

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Grant Reporting Template