Grants & Funding

The following grant programs are specific to Alberta Indigenous Relations. Please visit other Government of Alberta department websites for additional funding opportunities.
  • Aboriginal Business Investment Fund (ABIF)  was established to provide funding to capitalize community-owned business development opportunities. ABIF is intended for capital projects that are close to starting operations or breaking ground for building projects within the funding year.

  • Aboriginal Economic Partnerships Program (AEPP) supports Aboriginal economic development by facilitating economic partnerships among Aboriginal communities, industry, governments and other stakeholders.

  • Employment Partnership Program (EPP) helps Aboriginal communities and organizations connect their members to employment and training.

  • First Nations Consultation Capacity Investment Program provides support for First Nations in Alberta to enhance their abilities and resources to better participate in consultation activities regarding resource development. This may include support to establish consultation offices and staff on-reserve to respond to consultation requests and work with industry and government to address consultation issues.

  • First Nations Development Fund (FNDF) is a Government of Alberta lottery grant program available exclusively to First Nations Band Councils in Alberta. The FNDF is supported by a portion of revenues from government-owned slot machines located in First Nations casinos in Alberta. First Nations in Alberta can apply to the FNDF Grant Program for social, economic and community development projects.

  • Urban Initiatives Program (UIP) supports projects that remove barriers and strengthens economic and social opportunities for urban Aboriginal people in Alberta.