Metis Settlements Appeal Tribunal

The Metis Settlements Appeal Tribunal (MSAT) is a quasi-judicial body established by the Metis Settlements Act.  MSAT deals with disputes related to land, membership and surface rights for oil and gas activity on Metis Settlement lands, and a range of other issues. MSAT can also mediate or hear disputes referred to it by agreement of both parties to a dispute, or referred to it by provincial legislation, MSGC policies, or Metis Settlement bylaws. MSAT's decisions can be appealed directly to the Alberta Court of Appeal.

MSAT is funded by Alberta Aboriginal Relations. There are seven members on the tribunal.  The Minister of Aboriginal Relations and the Metis Settlements General Council (MSGC) each appoint a vice-chair and two members. The Minister appoints a chair from a list of nominees submitted by the MSGC.