Metis in Alberta

Alberta is privileged to be home to one of the country's largest, youngest and fastest-growing Aboriginal populations. Over 220,000 people self-identify as an Aboriginal person in the province. Of those, 114,375* self-identify as a Metis person.

Who are the Metis?

A shared, common definition for Metis people does not exist. Definitions differ based on perspectives, however most sources agree the Metis are a people of mixed ancestry, the offspring of historic European fur traders and First Nations women.

As descendants of the original inhabitants of Canada, the Metis evolved into a new and distinct Aboriginal entity. The Constitution Act, 1982 recognizes the Metis as one of three distinct Aboriginal peoples of Canada (the other two are First Nations and Inuit).

The Metis are a people with a rich history who played a significant role in the early development of Western Canada. A brief summary of key dates in Alberta Metis history and a descriptive history is available to download.



* Information source obtained from Aboriginal Peoples Highlight Tables, 2016 Census