Projects and Partners

The Ministry works with various stakeholders on the following key initiatives to increase opportunities for Indigenous people to be successful in the workforce, including:

  1. Aboriginal Drivers’ License Initiative
  2. Industry Engagement Initiative

Aboriginal Driver’s Licence Initiative 

This initiative supports Indigenous communities and organizations to address the transportation barrier to employment. Through partnerships and collaboration with governments, training providers, educational institutions, industry, not-for-profit organizations and Indigenous communities barriers to getting and maintaining a driver’s license will be addressed.

A driver’s licence can provide opportunities for employment. This initiative advises and coordinates policies, programs and services to support Indigenous people to obtain and maintain a valid driver’s licence by improving: 

  • Awareness and Coordination – promote greater awareness of supports and services to Indigenous people and communities.
  • Education and Training – provide Indigenous communities with increased resources, tools, education and training supports to help people gain a valid driver’s licence.
  • Accessibility – improve accessibility and availability of registry services, especially in rural and remote areas of Northern Alberta.

Successful Project Example

A mobile driving school has been established to provide Class 5 Driver Training in First Nations, Metis and non-Indigenous communities in the northeast region of Alberta. Carriage Mobile Driving School was developed in partnership with Pimee Well Servicing, Tribal Chiefs Employment and Training Services Association, Alberta Motor Association, Government of Alberta and various industry sponsors. For more information go to

Industry Engagement Initiative

Indigenous Relations is helping to bridge connections between Indigenous communities and service providers with employment opportunities. Generally, this connection is between provincial Industry Associations and regional Aboriginal Skills, Employment & Training Strategy (ASETS) holders.

Indigenous Relations understands the local market for workforce training and is committed to helping industry associations engage with Indigenous communities to ensure that Indigenous workers are hired, trained and retained across Alberta.

Help for Indigenous communities and service providers:

  • Share labour market information and labour market demands with Indigenous training providers and communities to ensure that training meets a labour market need.
  • Supporting Indigenous training providers and communities to connect graduates to work placements, and apprenticeships.
  • Introducing ASETS to Industry Associations and employers to explore local employment opportunities.
  • Identifying and coordinating potential funding sources for training and development.
  • Coordinating potential solutions which address barriers to employment for Indigenous people.

Help for industry associations:

  • Indigenous Relations will work through partners to help Industry Associations promote the benefits of a diverse workforce and help their employer members identify strategies for attracting and retaining Indigenous workers.
  • Introducing Industry Associations to ASETS.