SPI Contacts

Policy Integration

Strategic Initiatives

Kim Bastow, Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Mac Hickley, Strategic Initiatives Advisor
Michael Selig, Strategic Initiatives Advisor
Greg George, Strategic Initiatives Advisor
Melanie Page, Strategic Initiatives Advisor

Consultation, Capacity, Training and Outreach

Adam Schneidmiller, Manager, Consultation, Capacity, Training and Outreach
Richard Horn, Training and Outreach Specialist
Rob Buck, Training and Outreach Specialist
Jay Zack, Consultation Capacity Advisor
Alyssa Metro, Consultation Officer

Consultation Policy and Program Evaluation

Godlove Suh, Manager, Consultation Policy and Program Evaluation
Kevin Lee, Policy Analyst
Meghan Ward, Consultation Policy Coordinator
Shaleigh Raine, Policy Research Officer
Kim Yarmuch, Consultation Policy and Evaluation Coordinator


Engagement and Relationships

Greg Belyea, Manager - North
Alicia Bradsen, Engagement and Relationships Advisor
Ryan Brown, Engagement Coordinator

Kimmy Shade, Manager - South
Glinis Buffalo, Engagement and Relationship Advisor

Analysis and Issues Management

Mona Kado, Manager
Leslie Treseder, Issues Analyst
Lance Katan, Issues Analyst
Cayley Macleod, Priority Information Analyst

Strategic Engagement

Leah Sheffield, Manager
Brandon Pike, Engagement Analyst, Resource Planning
Sabia Remtulla, Engagement Analyst 
Kieran Maxwell, Engagement Coordinator