Indigenous Services

Directory of services and information for First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples in Alberta.

Arts & culture

Aboriginal Heritage
Protecting and preserving cultural heritage.

Alberta Foundation for the Arts Grants 
Provides grants for individual artists, organization operations and organization projects.

Blackfoot Crossing 
Experience an authentic Blackfoot cultural experience.

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump 
The world's oldest, largest and best preserved buffalo jump.

Heritage Grants and Scholarships
Provides financial assistance for protecting and preserving cultural heritage.

Heritage Park 
Canada's largest living museum, which includes an 1860s fur trading fort and First Nations encampment.

Métis Crossing 
Canada's first and only major Métis cultural centre.

Writing on Stone Provincial Park
Sacred landscape containing the largest concentration of First Nation petroglyphs and pictographs on the plains of North America.

Business, economy, and self-employment

Monthly Labour Force Statistics 
Find recent statistics on the Indigenous labour force.

Aboriginal Business Investment Fund (ABIF) 
Provides funding to Indigenous communities and Indigenous community-owned businesses for capital projects.

Aboriginal Economic Partnerships Program (AEPP) 
Provides funding to start or expand business initiatives that contribute to improved social and economic outcomes for Indigenous peoples.

Alberta Indian Invesment Corporation (AIIC) 
Provides First Nation businesses with advisory services, technical training and workshops on business management.

Appetogosan (Metis) Development Inc. & Pinnacle Business Services Ltd. 
Provides profitable and sustainable financial services and support to clients who seek the means to attain economic self-sufficiency.

Business Support Services 
An Indigenous business development program that provides technical assistance and business consultant services.

First Nation Development Fund Grant Program 
Available to First Nations Band Councils in Alberta, the fund provides funding for social, economic and community development projects.

Settlement Investment Corporation (SIC)  
Services the eight Metis Settlements and their members with business advisory services, including developmental financing and mentoring.

Urban Initiatives Program  
Provides funding for projects that remove barriers and strengthen economic and social opportunities for urban Indigenous people in Alberta.

Communities & recreation

Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association 
Offers culturally appropriate services, supports and programs

Community Initiatives Program 
Provides funding for initiatives that enhance and enrich communities throughout Alberta.

Education & training

Aboriginal Business Development Services 
Consulting services, workshops and information for Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs across Alberta.

Aboriginal Rural Development Network (ARDN) 
Find networking events and research projects for Indigenous people across Alberta.

Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP) 
A degree-completion program that provides aspiring teachers with an understanding of Indigenous perspectives found in Northern Alberta.

Aboriginal Training to Employment Program (ATEP)

Supports partnerships with Indigenous groups, industry, and government to design and create training projects.

Advancing Futures Bursary
A post-secondary bursary program for youth ages 18–24 who have been in government care.

Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS)
Provincial gateway for career, learning and employment information and services in Alberta.

Amiskwaciy Academy - Edmonton Public Schools 
Offers enrichment programming in a respectful, safe environment for Grades 7-12.

Belcourt Brosseau Metis Awards 
Helps Metis Albertans realize self-sufficiency through post-secondary education and skills development.

University nuhelot’i?ne thaiyots’i? nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills  
Find Indigenous-centric education around the St. Paul area, with a focus on cultural teaching, safety training and camp-related jobs.

Braided Journeys 
Culture-based leadership training, skill building and career counselling for First Nations, Metis and Inuit youth in Edmonton.

Canada Alberta Job Grant
Provides financial assistance to eligible employers and Indigenous nations to train their workers.

CAREERS: The Next Generation 
Offers a variety of programs for students to explore their career options the health services, trades and industrial technologies.

Ever Active Schools
Supports school communities to create opportunities for youth to be healthy and active.

First Nations, Metis and Inuit Colleges 
Provide accredited programs and services in an environment that fosters First Nations culture and traditions.

First Nations, Metis and Inuit Education  
Provides links to information and resources to support First Nations, Metis and Inuit education in Alberta.

First Nations Training to Employment Program (FNTEP) 
Supports the development of partnerships to create training and work experience projects that lead to employment for First Nations members.

Freehorse Family Wellness Society (FFWS)  
Provides funding assistance to Alberta First Nation students.

Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women 
Offers services to women such as workshops, training opportunities and information.

Metis and Non-Status Bursary Program 
Bursaries from Human Services are available for full-time or part-time studies in the social services field.

Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC) Student Bursary
For students in any field of studies who are willing to work within the NADC area of northern Alberta after they complete their schooling.

Trade Winds to Success Training Society 
A 16-week Indigenous pre-apprenticeship training program that provides the skills and knowledge to start a career in the trades.

Windspeaker and Aboriginal Multi-Media Society (AMMSA) Scholarship Guide 
Access an extensive list of scholarships and bursaries available to Indigenous students.

Women Building Futures 
Provides trades training for women, including coaching and workforce training to address gaps in essential skills.

YOUCAN Edmonton 
A non-profit charitable organization that provides youth with the knowledge, support and skills to remove themselves from harm's way.

Families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Alberta Family Information Liaison Unit

The Family Information Liaison Unit (FILU) will support families of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls during the inquiry. This unit will act as a single point of contact for families to help navigate the provincial process, gather case specific information, connect families with Elders, collaborate with other province’s supports and gather information for families.

Tracey Makokis, Justice and Solicitor General

Ralph Cardinal

NORTHWESTERN ALBERTA + Grande Prairie & Slave Lake
Michelle MacIsaac 

CENTRAL ALBERTA + Edmonton & Lloydminster & Red Deer
Laurie Davies

SOUTHERN ALBERTA + Medicine Hat + Lethbridge
Janice Randhile

Alberta Services & Assistance

Alberta Victim Service and Victim Services Units
There are victim services units in communities across Alberta. Victim services units are staffed with trained, caring people who'll help you throughout the criminal justice process.

Victims of Homicide Support Society of Edmonton
Self-help group designed to offer emotional support and information about surviving the loss of a loved one to murder.

Metis Child & Family Services Society
Inner City Victims of Homicide Support Group
780-452-6100 ext. 267

Calgary Victims of Homicide Support Group
Karen Venables
587-582-CHSS (2477) 

The KARE/Pro-Active Team
Sub-unit of “K” Division’s Missing Persons Unit, was originally created to investigate the deaths of several vulnerable missing persons in the Edmonton area. Known to many as “Project KARE” since the unit’s inception in 2003, KARE’s mandate has expanded considerably. The team, a model of which police organizations across the country have based their own vulnerable missing persons units on, investigates and reviews files of missing vulnerable persons throughout Alberta.

Lloyldminster Victims of Homicide Peer Support Group

National Information

National Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
Composed of five Commissioners from across the country and is independent from federal, provincial and territorial governments and crown corporations. The Commissioners’ mandate is to examine and report on the systemic causes of all forms of violence against Indigenous women and girls in Canada by looking at patterns and underlying factors.

Health & wellness

Indigenous Health Program
Assists Indigenous patients and families during their hospital stay and connects them with services in their home communities.

Indigenous Wellness Program 
Primary care clinics located on reserves and Metis settlements that help with diabetes, mental health, women’s health and palliative care.

Adult Residential Addictions Services 
Residential treatment components include gender-specific programs, counselling, gambling treatment and interactive workshops.

Alberta Future Leaders Program 
Provides First Nations and Métis youth with active, positive alternatives to unhealthy lifestyles.

Boyle Street Community Services 
Find health care and social services for high-risk, street-involved pregnant women in Edmonton.

Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS) 
Provides ongoing compassionate care to lower income, homeless or marginalized people in Calgary’s inner city.

Elbow River Healing Lodge 
Offers social supports, counselling and health management services to Indigenous peoples.

Hope Mission 
An Edmonton non-profit that provides primary and mental health care to inner-city homeless with chronic conditions and addictions.

Mental Health Capacity Building in Schools Initiative
Mental health and intervention services for children and youth with a focus on preventative care.

Parent Child Assistance Program 
A home visitation program for women who are at risk of giving birth to a child with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

Prenatal Outreach Support Team (POST) 
Connects pregnant women in high risk situations to appropriate community services.

Poundmaker's Lodge Treatment Centres 
These centres offer cultural, spiritual and medical treatment to recover from addictions.

Sunrise Native Addictions Services 
This Calgary centre offers holistic, treatment for Indigenous men, women and families to recover from addictions.

The Alex Community Health Care Centre 
Provides care for underserved people in Calgary who struggle with medically, socially and psychologically complex health issues.

Personal support & benefits

Aboriginal Caregivers
Helps Indigenous children, unable to stay with their natural families, stay connected to their communities and cultures.

Alberta Works Income Support
Provides financial benefits to those who do not have the resources to meet their basic needs.

Awo Taan Healing Lodge Society 
Provides wholistic support and guidance to women and children from all cultures who are experiencing domestic violence.

Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society 
Offers a welcome sevice to support Indigenous families and individuals who are new to Edmonton.

Hull Services 
Access behavioural and mental health services for children and families.

Metis Child and Family Services Society 
Harm reduction, outreach support and guidance to help keep street workers safe and leave high-risk lifestyles.

Metis Settlements Child and Family Services
Provides services to Metis children and families who reside on Metis Settlements.

Rights, justice & the law

Aboriginal justice initiatives and programs
Get information on the justice system’s impact on Indigenous people, as well as information on education and funding for Indigenous justice.

Alberta Human Rights Commission, complaint resolution information
Find out how the human rights complaints resolution process works or call the confidential inquiry line.

Alberta Human Rights Commission, education and engagement 
Find a program or grant to educate people on human rights.

Child Support Recalculation Program
Provides parents with a way to change their child support orders at a decreased cost.

Community Corrections
Community-based programs for adult and youth offenders delivered through a network of community corrections offices and two attendance centers.

Community safety
Services that help prevent crime – or limit its impact – in your community.

Correctional services
Low-risk adults and youth offenders have access to attendance centres, rehabilitation and community service programs.

Crime prevention and restorative justice
Find information, grants and programs for crime prevention and reduction.

Family law
Learn about family law legislation, child support and counselling.

First Nations Policing
Find information on policing and policing standards in First Nation communities in Alberta.

Help for victims of crime
Services, supports, financial assistance and restitution for victims of crime in Alberta.

Legal assistance
Information on how to find a lawyer or get legal aid.

Maintenance Enforcement Program
Collects court-ordered child support, spousal and partner support, and enforces as needed.

Native Counselling Services of Alberta 
Provides a range of services for Indigenous people in conflict with the law.

Office of the Child and Youth Advocate Alberta
Helps young people who are receiving services, whether through advocating, arranging for legal representation, or engaging the community.

Working & jobs

Aboriginal Futures
Provides Indigenous people with education, training and employment services and helps them make the transition to living in Calgary.

Aboriginal Student Job Shadowing Program - Grande Prairie Regional College 
Job shadow with a corporate mentor to gain an understanding and appreciation of the responsibilities and duties of the occupation.

Alberta Aboriginal Intern Program
A two-year internship that provides work experience with a Government of Alberta ministry and Indigenous organization community partner.

Alberta Aboriginal Training and Jobs
Helps unemployed people find jobs, underemployed people find better jobs, and employers find the skilled staff they need.

Employment Partnerships Program (EPP)
Provides funding to help Indigenous communities and organizations connect their members to employment and training.

Maskwacis Employment Center 
Assists and promotes successfully self-sustained Maskwacis members to prepare for, obtain and maintain employment.

Metis Employment Services 
Offers a comprehensive range of employment programs and services to the Métis Community.

Oteenow Employment & Training Society 
Helps match First Nations and Inuit workers to jobs in a wide range of employment sectors.

Trade Warriors Network 
An online community that provides support to Indigenous youth and young adults interested in a career in the trades.

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