Tripartite Agreement

The Governments of Alberta and Canada participate in a tripartite process with the Metis Nation of Alberta Association (MNAA). The partners work together to:
  • Create economic opportunities and promote well-being for Metis people and communities in Alberta.
  • Identify mutual priorities.
  • Discuss issues of common interest.
  • Convey practical solutions to issues facing Metis Albertans.

The Tripartite Agreement was signed on August 31, 1992. Alberta contributes through the Framework Funding Agreement with the MNAA. The Tripartite Agreement:

  • Provides a discussion forum in various sector areas.
  • Identifies opportunities to promote Metis self-management and self-reliance.
  • Strengthens coordination within and between the governments of Canada and Alberta.
  • Increases Metis input into decision making and administration for relevant government policies, programs and services.